We're a team specialising in rapid-relief aid initiatives with local understanding of the Ukrainian situation

Back in March 2020, during the start of COVID lockdowns in the UK, Jon and Josephine founded Dare to Care, an initiative that sent PPE to hospitals with shortages and distributing essential supplies to immunocompromised people, which benefited ~500,000 people in the UK during the course of 3 months, and put them on the Forbes 30 under 30 list for Social Impact. 

Today, with the Ukraine crisis, Jon and Josephine are teaming up once again, but this time joined by a team of Forbes 30 Under 30s, with vast expertise in local knowledge of the Ukraine crisis, logistics, finance, and more.

Jon Lo

Forbes 30U30 Social Impact

Josephine Liang

Forbes 30U30 Social Impact

Aleksandra M. Pedraszewska

Forbes 30U30 Technology

Phil De Luna

Forbes 30U30 Science

Mahdi Shariff

Forbes 30U30 Enterprise Technology

Kat Tchernavskikh

Forbes 30U30 Consumer Tech