1. Donate to Matchup like you would any regular crowdfunding campaign.

2. We 2x your donations using corporate matching. Employees from select large corporations have gift matching schemes, meaning money they donate to a charity is matched by their employer. E.g. if they donate $10,000, their employer also donates $10,000. We curated a network of employees from large corporates who we send your donated money to, who use their corporates’ matching schemes to 2x your donations.

This really works. A similar initiative turned $80.3K raised into $160.6K in only 4 days.

3. We prioritize funding based on our local knowledge of where needs are greatest. Big charities are crucial, but they’re not always responsive to constantly changing needs, and the Ukraine situation is changing by the hour.

Yes! A similar initiative called Donate2x.co (https://donate2x.co/) ran for 4 days by MSCHF for 2xing donations to BLM charities, and turned $80.3K raised into $160.6K. The difference is we’re planning to run this longer than 4 days, and invest much more time and resources into the infrastructure enabling this, making the impact greater.

Yes! Some companies even encourage this behaviour by getting employees to pool funds from friends and family. We’ve also cleared this with multiple lawyers and found no legal concerns.

No! We spread our matching pool across many different companies, so we don’t just have a few companies doing the majority of the matching.

Also, many companies explicitly encourage this behaviour (e.g. pooling money from friends and family). We have also explicitly asked many companies whose employees we are working with and they have given the green light. 

We don’t know! A similar initiative ran for 4 days, but there has never been an evergreen initiative to the best of our knowledge.

So let’s be the first.

We’re a team of Forbes 30 under 30 listers who have done this before. We specialize in rapid-response relief initiatives.

Back in March 2020, during the start of COVID lockdowns in the UK, Jon and Josephine founded Dare to Care, an initiative that sent PPE to hospitals with shortages and distributing essential supplies to immunocompromised people, which benefited ~500,000 people in the UK during the course of 3 months.

Our team all have relatively public profiles with a track record of success and credibility in various areas. Feel free to search us up.

More details here: https://match-up.co/what-makes-us-different/

Systematic uplift of relief initiatives

There’s no shortage of ways to help Ukraine right now. This site (https://how-to-help-ukraine-now.super.site/) compiles hundreds of ways to help, broken down into categories like housing, humanitarian supplies, volunteering, and more. We want to >2x the amount of money going into these initiatives, and prioritize the areas of greatest need.

We do this by tapping into our greatest strength: corporate networks

We’re a team of all Forbes 30 Under 30 listers, all who have made dents in our industries, from Energy to Science to Social Impact to Technology. We can get corporates onboard and employees to volunteer. Our model relies on strong corporate relationships, which we have in ample supply. This is one area we think we are better than any other group in the world, and so we have chosen this focus to help.

Tap into new funding

Our model activates new sources of funding via corporate matching that otherwise would not be tapped into: (1) people wanting to donate but do not work at corporates with matching schemes and (2) people working for corporates with matching schemes, but are unaware/ incapable of accessing match funding (Only 7% of people working at corporates with matching schemes tap into the system).

We’re using our own money to set up this website, maintain infrastructure costs, databases, etc.

Our team previously founded a similar relief initiative (https://daretocarepackages.com) during the height of COVID in the UK, and we have some leftover funding from there.

Matchup takes absolutely no fees and 100% of your donation goes to the charity. 

Members of our team have reached charities and people on the ground, specifically at the Poland/Ukraine border. We’ve identified organizations like the Polish Medical Mission that need help now. 

Yes! We’re working on a list of charities to support and those trusted by our corporate matching programs. You will be able to pick which charity through a curated list in a drop down menu soon. 

Volunteer employees are selected by the Forbes Top 30 Under 30 team and vetted before being added to our system. If you’re interested in joining our volunteer employee pool to 2x your impact, please fill out this form: https://match-up.co/double-donations/

We post proof of every donation to each charity online here: https://match-up.co/impact/, and every donor will get an email notification of their donation.

Your donation is not eligible for a tax deduction like other charitable donations. Your donation is not taxed at any point of this process and Matchup does not receive any tax benefit.